Awww, Babies!

I figured for my first blog post I’d lure you in with a couple cute, cute babies. I mean, what’s cuter than a teeny tiny brand new baby? Maybe other versions of babies, like kittens or puppies, but still – there is pretty much nothing sweeter than a sleepy, squishy newborn. I’ve had the extreme good luck to photograph these two handsome guys in the past month or so, and I hope to book as many of these sessions as possible in the future. It melts your heart to see the love between parents and a new baby, not to mention how totally snugly they are. I absolutely love shooting these sessions since they tend to be quiet and, obviously, adorable.

Now onto what you’re REALLY here for – a couple of Sneak Peek photos of Jackson & Isaac.






One thought on “Awww, Babies!

  1. Well it worked – you lured me in 🙂 Just love the smile on the little slepping face there… what on earth can you dream about at that age? – V

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